Yaşamkent Mah. 3200 sok. No: 43 Çayyolu-Çankaya / ANKARA (0312) 226 68 78 0541 226 24 51 info@ordemmuhendislik.com


Creating value for our customers, employees, society and environment and being a sought-after and top-calibre company in our fields of operation in Turkey and abroad. 


Being a preferred company which

Wins the competition by producing solutions compatible with the needs of different customers in collaboration with them;
Provides services guiding the customer with its knowledge, experience and skills;
Creates and directs business opportunities;

Prioritizes both quality and profitability;
Follows the developments in technology and markets of the industry and adapts such developments to its products fast;
Believes in communication, personal skills and significance of authorization and creates a working environment compatible with this belief;
 Does not compromise business ethics, honesty and quality in line with our core values and  Observes legal and legislative requirements, takes environment-protecting measures and strictly follows occupational health and safety principles.

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