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Closed Circuit Camera Systems

Closed Circuit Camera Monitoring and Recording Systems take a part in a great portion of daily life. They are at the forefront for all watching-based need and application, particularly security projects. CCTV system is used as a solution for building and plant security, public arena security and city monitoring, product and production monitoring, security of mass transportation system, monitoring roads and railways and recording them when necessary.

Thanks to cutting edge technology of the systems, it is possible to obtain effective imaging in the nights as much as in the daytime. Thanks to the cameras with high light sensitivity, infrared lighting equipment, optic zoom and moving cameras, thermal cameras and similar equipment, it is possible to create solutions for different needs.

Analogue signal based CCTV systems are integrated with digital media to a great extent. Especially for recording and image transfer solutions, we have ensured integration with the cutting edge IT technology.

For establishment of an effective system, the general quality of the solution is as significant as the product. As long as engineering content in the design and implementation phases of the system is in parallel with the product, the system shall satisfy the expectations in a sufficient manner.

IP-Based Closed Circuit Camera Systems

CCTV industry has been integrated with IP networks, which form the most preferred communication type of the new age. On one hand, image-based quality and sensitivity improving technology and on the other hand digital communication among the CCTV products have been ensured.

During development of modern building technologies, simplification in structural cabling backbone of buildings and the target of using common infrastructure have accelerated the IP CCTV process.

In the modern age when geographical distances are covered by communication technologies, it is possible to access to the monitoring systems at a distance of miles as easy as the one nearby us. Optical and wireless communication alternatives may also eliminate many physical obstructions.

Digital image data, requiring high bandwidth for a time, is no longer a problem thanks to new generation compressing formats such as MPEG-4 and H.265+. Thus, the cost of recording and transferring higher quality images for longer periods has been comparatively reduced.

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