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Let’s begin with the questions of what is an announcement system, what is it used for and who or what type of enterprises do need such announcement systems.

 Announcement system can be defined as an electronic system consisting of microphones, amplifiers, speakers and other relevant auxiliary equipment. The purpose of the system is make the speakers heard under any condition and adapt to the environment and not to draw attraction.

Nowadays, we see speaker systems in nearly any venue, plant, organization or workplace we visit such as hospitals, schools, cafes, restaurants, offices, open venues, parks, plazas et cetera. As these systems are duly hidden, they generally do not draw our interest and we do not notice them.

Announcement systems, as any other sound amplification system, consist of three components.

A transformer converting sound waves to electronic signal (e.g. microphone)

An amplifier amplifying the weak signal generated by transformer to provide strong sound output through speaker and a speaker converting electrical impulses coming from amplifier to sound waves

The producers create the announcement systems by bringing the components with similar quality and price in a single appropriate configuration. However, even if such announcement system packages are useful and consist of coherent parts (e.g. amplifiers and speakers), they may not totally satisfy the needs of users. On the other hand, there are various announcement systems and many users can select a system quite compatible with their needs by making market researches.

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