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Intercom systems, albeit featuring the same functions as the diaphone system, have a more functional structure. Intercom systems, generally used to secure workplaces, apartment blocks and villas, vary by needs. Due to having a functional and modular structure, it is appropriate for use of individuals and multiple users. Intercoms may have different features depending on configuration of the applied system. In case of preference for intercom device, the following advantages can be provided for the users:
• As video intercom systems provide video and instant communication, entrance of unidentified or suspicious persons can be prevented.
• As it can be connected to security cameras, playgrounds, car park etc. can be monitored through the intercom.
• It allows audio and video calling between the apartments.
• It allows communication with the building block management, security guards and neighbouring shops, restaurants et cetera.
• Fire and theft alert can be managed via intercom.
• Intercom systems can operated in full integration with security camera systems and intrusion alert systems.
• Intercom devices run in integration with house automation systems and allows remote management.

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