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License plate recognition system automatically opens the barriers for all vehicles registered to the system in the car parks, provides information on LED board, identifies occupation rate in car parks and generates daily, monthly and annual reports on time basis.

Thanks to license plate recognition system, it is possible to check in your car park in fully-automated manner. You do not need a card, OGS device, TAG, label, remote control et cetera. Thus, it has zero operational cost and you can ensure security by receiving official reports on the vehicles checking in your car park for 10 years.

Entrance/Exit control

All car park entrance/exit points are brought under control. Image, license plate, check in/out time, visit time and purpose of any vehicle checking in/out the car park is recorded by the system and kept in annual, monthly and daily basis database and detailed reports are issued when necessary. These reports can be printed out and archived in image PDF, Word and Excel formats.

Subscribed Vehicle / Automatic Pass

The system automatically identifies the license plate of each incoming vehicle and query whether it is subscribed or not in milliseconds. If it is subscribed, the barriers are opened automatically and the vehicle is let in the car park. License plate and owner details of the automatically let in vehicle are recorded in the system. After defining person, apartment or company details in the system, number of remaining vacant parking spaces is calculated by considering all vehicles that will check in the car parks. Thus, more than one license plate for each resident in a building block is recorded but he/she is allowed to check in to the extent of number of allowed parking spaces for him/her.

Blacklist Vehicle Control

The license plates of the vehicles which you do not want to check in the car park or wish to receive warning (audio, visual) when he/she tries to check in can be defined in the system. When the identified vehicles approach to the entrance gate of your car park, the system automatically generates a warning.

Visitor (Guest) Vehicle Entrance

The system allows you to prevent unauthorized entrances in the car parks allowing visitor vehicles and provides the details of the visited apartment, person or company. Later, you can receive the reports of such details.


Vehicle entrance/exit details, subscriber/automatic pass and visitor vehicles can be reported along with their photos and license plants and these details can be sent to requested e-mail addresses automatically if desired and you can receive the report lists in PDF, EXCEL and WORD formats.

User Authorization (Determining Access Levels)

The system is operated on user basis and each operator / security staff opens the system with his/her own username and password during his/her watch and when the incidents and reasons emerge can be displayed on the system. Subscriber/Automatic Pass, Blacklist License Plate definitions etc. shall be performed by the system administrator.

Advantages of ALPR (For Car Parks and Checkpoints)

  • Reduces entrance/waiting/exit times
  • Prevents traffic congestion
  • Ensures security for entrances and exits
  • Eliminates the need for using entrance cards, vehicle tags, remote controller et cetera
  • Does not have any operational cost
  • Records the passing vehicle details by the system camera (license plate, date, time, gate)
  • Integrated with barriers and similar pass control systems when needed.
  • When a registered vehicle approaches to the checkpoint, the barrier automatically allows the vehicle to check in (this barrier is not activated for unregistered vehicles or those whose passing authority is restricted)
  • When a blacklisted vehicle passes through the system, it automatically generates video and audio warning for the operator.
  • It provides various reports, queries and analyses.

It can authorize the users. The operator runs the system with his/her own username and password

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